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Affordable Decorating Tips for Couples

By Katie Conroy - Guest Blogger - September 06, 2021


Moving in together is a natural step for many couples. In fact, the number of cohabiting adults is on the rise, according to a survey by the PEW Research Center. Cohabiting can be a great source of joy. That said, moving in together can also be stressful. In fact, statistics suggest that living together is more stressful than being married. You can ease the process by preparing for a seamless move-in. Let the below guidelines pave the way as you combine your lives under a single roof.


Start by Sprucing Up the Walls

When you move in together, you want to create a space that belongs uniquely to both of you. Revamp the interior and create a home where you both feel at ease by painting the walls. Painting is a fast and easy way to spruce up an entire room, and, if selling your home is in your near-future plans, it’s one of the most economical ways to increase home value. When painting with selling in mind, be careful to do a good job, and don’t forget to save your receipts for the appraiser.

Rely on color theory to create interiors that are cohesive and calming. This means you match different shades based on whether they are primary (red, yellow, blue), secondary (green, orange, purple), or tertiary (colors that come when you mix a primary and secondary color). Refer to a color wheel to see what shades best complement one another, and rely on this temperature palette as you move ahead. Choose a dominant color and have this fill about 60 percent of your space, and then complement it with a secondary color, filling about 30 percent, and an accent color, which should cover about 10 percent. 


Make Room by Emphasizing Storage Spaces

When you combine two people’s things in a single space, you may find things getting cramped quickly. Proactively tackle the problem by focusing on creating as much storage space as possible. For instance, according to Homedit.com, you can create more storage space in the bedroom by investing in a bed with drawers underneath. In your closets, make use of stackable bins to maximize the available space. You can also build a large wall unit around the headboard of the bed. 

If you have a tiny kitchen, you can get more out of it by taking advantage of open wall space, for example by adding shelves or a fold-down table. Small additions like magnetic knife strips are a great way to make use of wall space while also adding a decorative touch to the room. These are affordable investments that will spare you the cost of investing in a storage locker.


Look for Personalized Details You Both Like

Personal details are what makes a space truly feel like home. Shop online home decor retailers like Wayfair, Gilt and Pottery Barn and look for a few odds and ends that you both like, whether it's a unique mirror for the living room or a one-of-a-kind coat rack for the front hall. Another great idea is to invest in some cheap picture frames and print out some of your favorite photos, whether it’s holiday pics or snapshots of the two of you on vacation. There are many affordable online services you can use to easily and cheaply have the images you store on your phone printed out. If you have additional wallspace, you can even have photos blown up to poster-size.

Another way to personalize your space is through peel-and-stick wallpaper. Although wallpaper has a bad reputation, modern wallpaper offers a wide variety of different colors, patterns, and designs. The best part: you can easily remove this type of wallpaper if you’re unhappy with how it looks.

Follow the above tips, and you will be able to make a cozy and comfy home for you and your partner without breaking the bank. Just be aware that you’ll need to compromise if you want the process to run smoothly. Compromise is a healthy part of any relationship, and odds are that the two of you won't see eye to eye on every detail, whether it's what color to paint the kitchen or what to do with extra storage space. Be prepared to make concessions, and your cohabiting process will be all the more enjoyable. 

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