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How to Get Your Home Clean Again After a Mouse Infestation

By Jim McKinley - Guest Blogger - June 07, 2021


How to Get Your Home Clean Again After a Mouse Infestation

Dealing with pests like mice can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, better days are ahead. Once the mice are gone, you can focus on deep cleaning your home and preventing future problems. Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Joel Finnie shows you how in this guide.

Bring in Professionals

Of course, you need to begin the entire process by hiring exterminators. You can match with extermination companies in your area by using websites like Angi.com. While you’re visiting these sites, take a moment to read through reviews and look at ratings to determine which of the top-rated services is the choice for your problem.

Though the pests are no longer in your home, evidence of them may be. One way to quickly and effectively clean up is by hiring a professional cleaning service. While the professionals handle sanitizing and scrubbing your house, you can get back to life as usual.

You may also want to invest in regular professional cleanings to ensure your family’s health and safety. The cleaner your home, the less likely it is that pests will find places to hide and multiply.

Use Heavy-Duty Cleaners to Eliminate Disease Risk

Whether you or a hired cleaning staff are picking up after the evicted mouse population, protection is vital. Mice can harbor illnesses that are harmful to humans, such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, says Mayo Clinic.

First, wear thick gloves and consider covering your face while removing nests or droppings. To ensure the elimination of any bacteria or viruses around the house, make sure to use the right cleaning products. The CDC recommends a solution of one-part bleach to ten parts water, or a commercial disinfectant, for cleaning up after rodents.

Remove Potential Nesting Spots (and Materials)

Unfortunately for homeowners, mice can easily squeeze through small holes, which means sealing them will be part of your post-infestation routine. After all, once they arrive, mice will begin creating nests.

Mice use wires, books, paper, and even insulation to make their nests, notes Live Science. Therefore, keeping trash contained is vital for keeping rodents from returning. Emptying trash often, using cans with securely fitting lids, and storing your craft supplies properly will keep your home clean and discourage pests.  

Change the Way You Store Food

If you often have bags or boxes of food in the pantry or in cabinets, you might consider a change. After all, mice can live off only a few grams of food per day. By removing the food source, you reduce the odds that critters will come to call.

Adopting strategies like storing food at least 18 inches off the floor is a smart starting point. Switching your pantry to all-plastic or all-glass containers can also keep pests from getting into your dry goods. However, mice can chew through plastic—and many other materials—so glass may be preferable.

Try Refreshing and Natural Mouse Deterrents

While removing the infestation is the first step in rodent deterrent, there are many ways you can discourage new mice from moving in while keeping the house clean. For example, using peppermint or other strong, refreshing scents may repel mice.

Although there’s not much evidence to back up the use of homemade mouse repellents, a refreshing scent can do wonders for your peace of mind after cleaning up post-mice. Sage may also prove restorative for your senses while overwhelming those of the rodents you want to keep out.

Clean Up Outside, Too

Just like the mice that attempt to move indoors, mice living outside your house can affect its cleanliness and your comfort. Keeping your garden cleaned up can discourage rodents from getting close to your home, but this requires regular upkeep.

Aim to block any access holes that are visible from the exterior of your home first. Then, ensure your garbage bins are closed securely, empty any standing water, and clean up fallen leaves (and leaf piles) as soon as possible. You may also want to plant herbs like mint, garlic, onion, camphor, or lavender both for repellent purposes and a clean smell in every row of your garden.

Getting your house fresh and clean following a rodent infestation can help you return to normal. Plus, keeping everything spotless reduces the odds that mice will attempt to return. Then, you can go back to enjoying the safety and comfort of your home without worrying about critters stopping by.

If you need help making a wise (read: lucrative) real estate investment, get in touch with Joel Finnie online or by calling (951) 813-8218.

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